Nearly Half of People Using CBD Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines

Nearly Half of People Using CBD Products Stop Taking Traditional Medicines

Many people search for alternatives to medications produced by the pharmaceutical industry. Those who opt for CBD products have found a solution that allows them to leave traditional medicines behind. In a survey conducted by the Brightfield Group, patients of the digital cannabis healthcare platform HelloMD were asked questions about their CBD use. 42 percent of the 2,400 respondents reported stopping the use of pharmaceutical and over-the-counter medications since using CBD products. But that wasn’t the only insightful information this survey discovered.

People Using CBD Products

Although men are traditionally seen as the primary users of marijuana, the majority of CBD users are women. 55 percent of all CBD users are female and 58 percent of CBD-only products (those that have no THC included) are used by women. One-third of users are between the ages of 35 and 49, while the 26-34 and 50-64 age ranges each make up 20-25 percent of the market. Nearly half of CBD users have earned a Bachelor’s degree and another 15 percent have completed graduate degrees.

Conditions Treated with CBD

CBD is used at least once a week by 80 percent of users surveyed, and 41 percent reported using CBD products daily. The top medical conditions identified as being treated by CBD are:

  • Anxiety (66 percent)
  • Insomnia (59 percent)
  • Joint Pain (49 percent)
  • Depression (44 percent)

Other conditions identified by respondents included:

  • Muscle tension or strain (32 percent)
  • Migraine headaches (32 percent)
  • Severe or chronic pain (28 percent)
  • Arthritis (26 percent)
  • Nausea (23 percent)

Effectiveness of CBD Products

When asked about the effectiveness of CBD products, 66 percent of users said CBD was more or much more effective at relieving medical conditions than over-the-counter products. Compared to prescription medications, 52 percent of marijuana-derived CBD product users and 56 percent of hemp-derived CBD product users said CBD was more or much more effective than pharmaceutical medications they had been prescribed.

Even those who opt to combine CBD with other medications feel that their use of CBD is an effective treatment option. 80 percent of everyone surveyed found CBD products to be very or extremely effective as regular treatment for their conditions.

Medications that were replaced or greatly reduced by CBD products include:

  • Over-the-counter pain relievers such as Tylenol
  • Herbal or natural remedies
  • Over-the-counter ointments and topicals such as BenGay
  • Prescription painkillers like Vicodin
  • Prescription anti-anxiety meds
  • Prescription sleep meds like Ambien

Types of CBD Products Used

There are currently over 850 brands of marijuana-derived CBD-only products and over 200 brands of hemp-derived CBD products. Among cannabis users surveyed:

  • 75 percent use CBD products.
  • 53 percent regularly use CBD-dominant products.
  • Half use marijuana-derived CBD-only products.
  • 20 percent use hemp-derived CBD products.

Of CBD users, 90 percent are likely to buy marijuana-derived CBD-only products (or buy them again). Respondents indicated that CBD “provides medical relief and relaxation without the possible psychoactive effects that can result from THC.”

Of the administration forms, 54 percent prefer vaping. Topicals and tinctures are common preferences for respondents who use CBD-dominant and CBD-only products. Over a third (33-38 percent) prefer edibles including lozenges, gummies, candies, baked goods, and chocolates. Capsules and sprays were also used by some respondents.


Medical marijuana and marijuana-derived medicines are continuing to provide relief to patients worldwide. With more options to naturally treat disease, the horizon looks bright for people who want to replace pharmaceuticals with CBD products for relief of their conditions.