Jason Cranford

is an expert Botanist specializing in the organic cultivation of medical-grade marijuana and the development of pharmaceutical grade; hemp derived CBD products. He has 20+ years of cannabis cultivation experience and is an expert in extraction and infusions using a variety of solvents and delivery systems.

Jason is a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry.

A sample of his current positions and associations include:

Jason's current positions and associations

Despite his prolific resume, Jason’s true passion can be found in a small 2oz bottle of botanical oil.

A chance encounter with Dr. Raphael Mechoulam of Hebrew University in Israel led Jason to become intrigued with the potential medical benefits of a little known, non-psychoactive compound in the cannabis plant known as cannabidiol, or CBD. And after his experience with a young cancer patient in 2009, Jason became a CBD evangelist and to make it his “life’s work” to provide for the neediest patients as a caregiver. Jason spent the next seven years diligently cross-breeding various cannabis strains to achieve a specific chemotypic profile containing a broad spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenoids. The result of this work is a product known around the world as Haleigh’s Hope®.

Jason is a passionate medical cannabis activist who has been recognized with numerous awards and distinctions for his work in the field. In 2011, he won the CBD Award at the 1st Annual High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. More impressively, Jason is also a 3-time winner of the Hope Award at the Cannabis Business Awards (2014, 2015, 2016). This award is meant to honor an individual that inspires the most HOPE in the industry.

Medical Cannabis

“This award was created to recognize people in the cannabis industry who give people hope. Jason and his work are so inspirational that it was only fitting that an entire award category be created in his honor. His love for the children and his dedication to them is saving lives. It’s amazing what love can do.”

– Chloe Villano, Cannabis Business Awards producer and founder of Clover Leaf, Inc.

While he appreciates the accolades, Jason’s biggest reward is knowing that he has made a meaningful and life-changing impact on thousands of lives.